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Dr.Ana'Neicia Williams,

Meet the MOMologist 

Interpersonal trauma can brew as a woman plans and becomes a mother. The discovery of fear and self-criticism, anxiety and depression can hinder a woman’s ability to show up for self and her family. Ana’Neicia assists mothers in exploring their identity, unlocking their inner child wounds and restoring brokenness, through partnering with moms to create a self-liberating narrative.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ana’Neicia is committed to holding moms as they heal their wombs in a safe and supportive space. She is certified by Postpartum Support International to assess and treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She is also rostered as a Child Parent Psychotherapy provider. 


With years of experience serving children and families within the community and multiple systems, Ana’Neicia has found her passion in women’s maternal health. Her experience includes treatment of substance use disorders, trauma, depression and anxiety. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work, Ana’Neicia understands treating the whole person is necessary for the best treatment outcomes. As a three-time graduate of Spalding University, Ana’Neicia has returned as a part-time professor in Social Work and an adjunct professor within the School of Social Work.


Ana’Neicia works to amplify the voices of women through advocacy and research. She recognizes the disparities within parenting and access of care within healthcare settings for marginalized groups. That is why she promotes “No Mother Left Behind!” to remind systems ALL mothers deserve equitable care and an opportunity to nurture themselves on their motherhood journey. If you’re ready to become the best mom as you define, she invites you to take the leap into your healing to secure a deeper connection to self, your child, family and community. Reach out today to schedule your appointment.

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