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No Mother Left Behind Specialty Service Menu


Mommy Monologue

Allows the individual the opportunity to explore their identity as a woman and parent one on one. Therapist supports individual in finding their identity and creating the narrative that is fitting to them for self, and/or family through psychotherapy or coaching. 



Supportive community for expecting or planning mothers to explore becoming or working towards motherhood. This service involves small group participation and offers parenting techniques that is centered around child/parent development, bonding and infertility. 



This is a space held for moms who are parenting to honor themselves and learn how to nurture self, first.  Within this group setting mothers are encouraged to build community and coached on how to prioritize self. 


Couples Therapy

For partners who may be feeling distant or disconnected. This service supports adjustment to parenthood for both caregivers.  


Child/Parent Psychotherapy

CPP is for families that are looking to find healing after a difficult experience or event. This modality supports children ages, 0-5 who have experienced traumatic events and/or are experiencing mental health, bond with caregiver, behavioral problems. Sessions include the child and parent or primary caregiver. This service is a great option for families that have had experiences or involvement with family court.


MommyING Consulting

We recognize that in order to support the growth and development of parents and their children, we must build a culturally responsive community. This service is catered to agencies who seek service development for pregnant and parenting women and their families.  We help you analyze and structure your programming to be inclusive to all pregnant and parenting women through coaching, consulting and training. Email us to inquire about this particular service.

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