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Momology Maternal Wellness Club believes that NO MOTHER should be left behind. We hold space for women to ensure they do not forget about themselves on their motherhood journey. We also pride ourselves in providing inclusive and comprehensive care that supports the whole woman. We are invested in serving, studying and supporting women in exploring their identity and figuring out what motherhood means to them. Along with creating a safe, therapeutic space, MMW Club believes advocacy and social justice are at the center of the work we do, so we partner and create platforms that assist in addressing maternal mental health, reproductive justice and parenting rights.


Who We Are

Ana'Neicia Williams, LCSW, PMH-C is the founder of MMW Club. Ana'Neicia created MMW because she witnessed mothers social and emotional care being forgotten during pregnancy and postpartum. Ana'Neicia is dedicated to holding moms and assisting them in unlocking their identity within motherhood.

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Join the Club

Does your work align with ours? If you are a provider or offer services centered around maternal health, reach out to us today so we can begin to build community and collaborate on reaching more moms. 

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